So the fluid pocket that Lennon had behind his liver definitely has a virus. It is called VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci) and is resistant to most treatment and is usually contracted by people who have had surgery, have no immune system.

So they are giving him antibiotics but it can take quite some time weeks to months before this virus is out of his system.

Other things I know about VRE (which you can read on the links below): is that is passed on from health professionals (ARGH) and/or when a specific antibiotic like vancomycin (hence the name) is used…which Lennon has been on quite a bit over the past few weeks.

He is on contact precautions i.e. nurses and doctors have to wear additional yellow gown and gloves before entering the room.

Washing hands is critical for sure so that it is not passed on to others.

More info can be found here : http://health.utah.gov/epi/fact_sheets/vre.html or here : http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/vancomycin-resistant-enterococci-vre-overview

He is still on the breathing tube but that may come out today or tomorrow. If I had a guess tomorrow seems more likely.


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