So we have been out of ICU for some days and here is what progressed…

Lennon had no interest in food, so the docs wheened him of TPN and Lipids and today they stopped them completely, in hopes that he would start eating.

On Wednesday his sats dropped and an X-ray indicated that the right side is with fluid, and so a tap was done on thursday. In addition, an ultrasound indicated that his hepatic vein had narrowed again and that is probably the reason why his right side was with fluid.

This is the game plan, on Monday they are going to balloon it again, this time bigger than the last (stretch the vein) and possibly put a stint in it. This may require the breathing tube during the procedure, but my hope is that it is only for the procedure and not long term. If this works, which it should (cross yer finger and toes) and he does improve as he did the last time, we are heading to KCRC Rehabilitiation for physical therapy.

Of course I am worried tht this won’t go as good as everyone hopes and we return to the PICU, my hope is that it works and we are here for a few more days and outta here.

He did start eating a little, moving from potato chips to some peaches!!!

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