…yesterday another ultrasound was done to determine what the fluid pocket did as far as reducing it since the tubes were placed. Well, nothing ever goes as smooth as you hope, because they found that the portal veine (??) was clodded. They can’t do surgery on it, and said that this can happen from time to time. If it causes problems later on down the road, it means he may need another liver transplant but we should not concern ourselves with it too much. Generally, patients are placed on heprin (which he is on right now) for about 6 months, but the transplant team is going to contact the blood specialists to see if this is alright for a five year old.

Over all everyone is very pleased with the progress and make a big deal about how good he looks. My biggest thing is, that he is WARM!!!! Something unreal to me as he always was a bit colder to the touch than the norm.

He is also not eating and drinking as well, which btw could be part of the clodding issue. And when he does drink, it is water, which they don’t want him to have too much of. But that is what he likes, plain ol’ water.

And our journey continues…

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