Lennon will have surgery on Monday to have his g-tube placed. We will be in the hospital for about 1-3 days. Today we are going to get a C-Scan done so they can figure out whether it will be invasive (open surgery) or less invasive (scope stuff). They will also be removing the stent that was placed a couple of months ago.

Other than that, Lennon is fairing well. His food/hunger issues are quite the struggle. With a family of six, there is only so much food money we can allot and still pay our other bills. However, it seems that no matter what we have, or what we allow him to choose at home or at the store is very satisfying to him. So we spend a lot of time preparing food he has chosen and then not really eating it.

I am hoping that with the surgery on Monday and the ND tube away and out of his nose/throat that he can start to feel more comfortable choosing food and eating it.

It is also very frustrating that we have to continue to fight nursing care. As of Monday, we will not have a nurse and it could take some time before the agency can secure services that he insurance will cover. So this is in the works now.

There are days I wish I could have them spend a day or so in our shoes..go to work, run a business and go to school, and not forget we have other children that require our care as well.

Anyway, I hope that soon everything will just kinda fall into place…somehow

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