So I just finished with a sit-down..the docs are worried about the fluid collection that is going on in Lennon’s system. The liver is functioning okay but not too optimum, but they aren’t sure how much of his problems are related to the liver function.

They are keeping him in ICU because they are worried about the fact that he is brewing some other kind of infection as his x-rays where whited out today more than yesterday or the day before. He will be receiving another chest tube to help drain the fluid.

His breathing is labored but his oxygen requirement has not changed. If the docs tell you they are worried, well that just adds to the worries I already have. I hope that too this will pass and we can head towards recovery, because the alternative is not acceptable, right?

They are holding off on adding more antibiotics for a few days and see what the ultrasound indicates. Of course with the bile duct problems he’s had and has perhaps that is the evil of his problems. Further, another transplant is at this point not an option or considered, but then it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be in the future. It was mentioned to me, so I figure I will mention it here.

I think that the liver contributes to all his problems, and while he is not “obviously” rejecting it, it is functioning but I think it is functioning at the bare minimum so to speak. I am not sure where my mind is at the moment, I think overwhelmed is an understatement.

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