Might get graphic! Sorry.

So following my last post, Lennon spit up yesterday .. the kinda slimey spit up, which he had being doing a few times, but this time there was blood in it. We called transplant and said that we could bring him in as this has been going on long enough. So we went to the ER, and Lennon got some popsicles (his favorite thing when coming here, sometimes I wish he wouldn’t like it so much). They also took a bunch of blood (twice) because his numbers where all wack and they wanted to make sure that the whackyness is accurate.

They ended up giving him some vitamin K as he currently is a risk for bleeding. They also did an X-Ray and want an Ultrasound done (which we are currently waiting on). He cannot eat right now in case they want to do a biopsy?? or scope?? or whatever it is they thinking is wrong. Because no one can tell me what is wrong right now.

I can tell you that Lennon is starving!!! It is very painful to watch and see when your baby is so hungry that his belly hurts, you hear his belly grumpy, but he either can’t keep anything down or can’t eat. However, mind you that most of his vomiting is not from food intake (so it appears to me) it is from when he drinks to fast (again another observation).

Right now he is sleeping and that is probably the best thing for him as he may not focus so much on food. I ache for him and feel his stress and anxiety.

So for now, we wait for the ultrasound, the docs to come in and talk to us about what’s going to happen and their thoughts about what the issue is.

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