The ammonia is back down in the ’90s and Lennon is acting relatively normal. He is under isolation due to the still existing VRE virus. After a communication breaks down that is now fixed they have added medication that should get rid of the ammonia in his intestines. They do not think that the UCD is re-emerging but rather that he is having some sort of liver failure. The word is to watch Lennon closely because he can tip over at any point with quite apparent symptoms of chronic liver failure.

The game plan is to keep him in the hospital to watch him.
Today (Friday) they are going to get labs for screening to see what it is today.

On Sunday they are going to check his factor levels (5 and 7 I think are the ones low) and try to stabilize with platelets and plasma. But also check other levels such as CBC and ammonia.

They are trying to schedule the biopsy on Monday which means coordinating with radiology and anesthesia, and again check the levels on Monday to see where he’s at. He may require some more platelets or plasma but will need the biopsy within hours of receiving that.

My heart aches because he does look good but the elevated ammonia indicates there is something going on with the liver. He is active and busy and hates being stuck in the room. However, he is being treated as acute and critical because we know he can tip to the worst at any point. I will not speculate on the results of the biopsy and hope for the best. It is minute by minute right now.

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