Lennon wanted a popsicle – color green. His nurse went looking in the PICU freezer, in the freezers on the floor and not a popsicle insight. Upon her return and baring the news, another nurse called to oh probably nutritionist staying the complete floor is out of popsicles. One hour later, Lennon received not only one – but two popsicles – on purple and one white. So he is still waiting on the green popsicle :o)

Lennon is doing great. He is drinking water, though it must be done slowly or his withdrawals will get the better of him. He is playing, talking, interacting, fighting, and hating everything. He is Lennon!!! He is calm, he is collected, he is smiling and laughing and calling for his mom when he is in need of a hug.

To say that he is doing great, is by far an understatement. For someone who has been bedridden, mostly on his back, he has control of his head and neck muscles. He is sitting up longer and longer each time. Standing is not an option (yet) because the way I know Lennon it won’t be long.
He should be moved to the regular floor in a couple of days, and then after some time there perhaps go into KCRC for some rehabilitation.

I am still holding my breath, though I should be able to let go a bit. But I am still nervous that something is going to go wrong. So I think this will just take me some time, but I hope this nervousness will pass probably not completely but more so that I don’t worry about relapses as much.

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