So the cultures from yesterday indicated that Lennon has a fungal (yeast) infection. He is been running a fever (highest was 102) and listless. He has been keeping his meds down, but still burps a lot.

Because of the infection, his heart rate is 190 and so we are going to the PICU until he is stable. This could mean we will be there a few hours, a day or more. But because Lennon is still/already so fragile he needs to be watched a little closer to make sure his heart is ok and nothing else is going wrong.

This infection came up really fast because he was feeling pretty good the other day except for his belly ache. But no sooner did he come out of the procedure he wasn’t doing so hot, and than bam fever that wouldn’t go away, and his breathing which has everyone worried but there is not fluid collection on the lungs or anything. It is all because of this fungal infection.

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