Last week we received some good news. Lennon’s O2 was 100. It hadn’t been that in a very long time. He gained weight and is now a whopping 51 lbs.

Today we received some not so good news. The past few weeks the docs stopped Lennon’s aspirin regimen and added a vitamin k shot due to all the bleeding/bruising Lennon was dealing with. They checked his factor 5 and factor 7 levels last week, thinking and hoping that his blood is stable and that the liver is fine. However, today I learned that the levels were low and that this indicates the liver continues to be ill.

In addition, the ascites in his belly has not gone away, perhaps it has gotten bigger. The docs feel that while they could drain in, he is not a good candidate for a shunt.

Next week they are doing an ultrasound to check on the fluid and the clots that were noted in the portal vein and some other areas.

What does this mean? This means there is already a conversation about putting Lennon back on the transplant list …with low priority for now until his health declines more?! I will know more on Wednesday.

My thoughts are jumbled and my heartaches. Lennon looks so good and is acting so healthy. It’s hard to fathom that Lennon is ill and that once again we are facing another difficult journey…

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