Today Lennon turned 6 and every time I try to reflect on this…my eyes go from dry to wet. I remember when he first came home how cute he was but also how challenging he was to take care of.

I remember when he started to get his teeth and walk and that all he wanted was chips and hot dogs, and I remember how many times a day and night I would walk in or wake up to him being so sick and unresponsive.

I remember telling the doctors there is something wrong but all they could tell me is that he was dehydrated. I remember the days when I could not understand a word that he said when he should have been able to speak clearly without difficulty.

I remember the day of his diagnosis like it was yesterday, the fear, the worry of the unknown future. I remember the struggle to get him to take his medications and his “special” ice cream (aka formula) and all the things he could not eat.

I remember the day of the discussion of the transplant and I dream about the last 7 months, think about them and the recognition of what a miracle he is.

I remember and appreciate the smiles and giggles I can hear, I even appreciate the hysterics he goes through because he is in pain or because he is of his steroids.

I smile when I think about him running when he still is challenged to walk without falling. I love how he demands his attention, even if it is inconvenient for everyone else.

I love that he says the funniest things, that he likes food fights and that he is full of love and life.

Thank you!

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