So, Lennon has had the breathing tube out but has been on the C-Cap (?). Today they did a CT Scan because the chest x-ray indicated that he is FULL of fluid as it was completely whited out. And so yes he has a bunch of fluid on his right lung and hence the difficulty he has recovering and well breathing well on his own. His CO2 has been quite high, high enough to consider putting him back on the breathing tube. Sigh.

Well, it seems they might be doing a procedure in which they will go in with a small video camera and suction out some of the fluid pockets, place a new chest tube or something to help the removal of the fluids.

If we can get the fluids under control, everyone is pretty confident that he will recover fairly well. His liver is functioning, blood looks pretty good and his kidney function is doing well.

I know more tomorrow about when and if they are doing the procedure to remove the fluid.

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