We are closing in on Lennon’s official birthday party this Saturday. He appears to do well though seems to be coming down with a small cold and unfortunately its the season for sniffles. He still chooses to not be very active and we are certainly not pressuring him to do anymore than he wants to or can.

Lennon goes through a lot of food as if his mind can’t make up what he really wants. He chooses some foods he liked before the transplant.. like oatmeal but is also venturing out to foods he could not have before like cereal with milk.

It is very slow progress in his recovery and as we are home I acknowledge that Lennon requires a lot of care and supervision. Not that he is overly active, but he does have his tunneled central line and his gastro-tube.

He seems very young at times indicating that his development suffered throughout his disease and he “requires” a lot of mom attention and is rarely satisfied with anyone else comforting him.

His behavioral issues from before transplant are also still present but nothing like they used to be i.e. the extreme but he has become physical and I can’t figure out if it is because he is not feeling well or whether it is that he is not getting his way. Thus leaving us with challenges every day.

Nonetheless, he is doing much better than he has in the past.

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