…how much a body can take?

Lennon required additional draining tubes as he accumulated too much fluid around the abdomen and pulmonary section. Kind of a scary thing but his white blood cell count went up, indicating he might have an infection. He has been taken antibiotics for several days. There is still a lot of fluid around his little body and so he continues to take meds that help reduce it. Overall I think however he is doing well. His ammonia…ahh its in the 60’s today…his body really doesn’t know that number (much). Other levels are also coming down indicating that the liver is sloooowly starting to do its job.


He is awake, and though can’t talk quite yet handles everything pretty darn well. What a trooper dealing with the restraints, the oxygen going up his nose, draining tubes on the side of his body and several IV’s. He is certainly a hero to many people and I am amazing how strong his will to live is. I am partially relieved now and even though its still kind of a touchy situation feel alot better about everything. There is no game plan on how soon he will go home, but there is hope that it will be before christmas.
I decided that my tree was not going up until he goes home.

The tuff part is that I am going back to work tomorrow. However, I love the place I work for and the people are great and my supervisors are pretty awesome in which they will work with me. Some people that I work with have donated their PTO time and what a relief that is to me, I still get a paycheck! So thanks to anyone that has donated some of their hours to me so that I may care for Lennon in his recovery. You people are the best!

Be thankful for all you have in your life, take nothing for granted. Know that people care, and it doesn’t matter how close or far you are from them physically or any other way.

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