Lennon is doing well. After the procedure there appeared to be a kink in the tube on the inside that they had to fix yesterday. Overnight they ran Pedialyte in 10ml increments every two hours and by this morning he was back to the ‘normal’ rate of 80 MLS/an hour.

This morning they are giving him a diluted version of his peptamin jr. to see how he tolerates it. In about an hour or so we will be going home as he is doing very well.  

The care he requires for the next two months is going to be incredibly big. He has the tube out of his stomach probably about 12 inches if not more out of his belly. Once it is healed up i.e. the skin around his tube, the doctors will reevaluate to see if they can shorten it for merely cosmetic purposes and that it is not dangling from his belly.  

Lennon will be 6 years old on the 24th and it is worth celebrating..well it would be anyway…but he has had some major accomplishments. I was planning on having his party at a local park but have not found one that is not booked for the day (27th). If I can’t find a park…perhaps somewhere in our town will be ok..or if all else fails ..at our home.  

In the meantime, we will also be celebrating my oldest’s birthday…17 years old… and just yesterday I changed his diaper so it seems. He opted not to go to King’s Dominion, but rather go fishing….so we will have a fishing outing/hiking thing going on..as I don’t fish but I love the outdoors.  

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