So Lennon is in the PICU – his heart rate is going down slowly – 157. However, his breathing is still labored and hi requires the nasal canular for oxygen. Now there isn’t any fluid or amount of fluid on the lungs that would cause him to breathe like this. However, there is a fluid collection on the left side, that they will tap into today .

This morning some levels are really low – others are really high – they are going to talk to hemoc (blood) about how to fix his issues as he is at a high risk for bleeding right now. His white cell count is also extremely low which means he isnt able to fight infections as well – and his glucose is high and some other ones that I have a difficult time remembering.

He is very feisty – in fighting spirits – telling the nurses to leave him alone. He is not interest in anything but potato chips (thank god for IV Nutrition). I did ask since he is keeping things down now (so appears) if we can start the feeds again, thinking that might help in some way. I don’t know how long he will stay in the PICU.

As this is an earlier post, I am editing it. Lennon will have his port replaced today. The yeast infection he has been dealing with appears to be localized to the port as opposed to the bloodstream. While this is a “good” thing, I am a bit fired up this morning. They tested blood from various locations and this is how they know its not in the blood. I talked to his doc, who didn’t mention a procedure today.

So a surgeon came in, which caught be a bit by surprise because no one told me of the plan of action. Surgeon took the blame by saying she should have talked to the PICU folks to see if they had a chance to talk to me. It is Monday morning and they are doing rounds and plan of actions for the week. I don’t care. Someone should have come talk to me before the surgeon walks in with consent forms eh?

Anywho, this is what it is.

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