So Lennon has been dealing with some terrible acid reflux stuff or too much air, or both. We have inadvertently stopped the feeds as that is not helping him to keep things down, and after the doc visit today, they said ok as long as we can get him to drink ensure, resource boost or Pediasure. So we will try it out. We will see how it progresses as that spit up/vomit thing is quite nerve-wracking, not so much for me but for Lennon.

Overall however he was very sociable today, something that I am not used to, but he was in a good mood and again has made some good adjustments.
He does appear to have some “extra” fluid in some areas of his body, but haven’t been able to track his urine output well due to the C-diff diarrhea situations so that too appears to be getting better!

He is munching up a storm, while he isn’t eating consecutive whole meals three times a day, he has this continues snack thing happening, which is good. At least he is now acknowledging hunger and doing something about it, but again the acid reflux issue isn’t really helping him at times.

So we take it one day at a time and as we are mending him back to health, the rest of the family is also mending again. A lot of the struggles we had the last couple of years or the last couple of months I haven’t tapped into because while they are around Lennon’s situation and our home life is thrown into what appears to be a circus, it was not something that I had considered before.

I realize that high-stress situations do not always tear and wear one person, it does it to the family and when adjusting back to normal (whatever may be normal to you) it is quite a challenge because you realize that feelings have gotten hurt, and people changed places on the priority list.

Sometimes I think people are afraid to talk about it and while Lennon has had a struggle for a really long time, we struggled with him in many ways but not quite the same. I am pleased and happy to know that the bond with my family is strong and that I am confident we will overcome adjustments and hopefully remove some of the stress in our life.

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