Thunderstorm came through at 4:30 waking me from my slumber and not a soul awake in my house other than myself. I tossed + turned for about an hour before I said to hell with it and got up to make my first cup of coffee.

And honestly I like this quiet mornings – not that my mornings are obnoxiously loud. Lennon will wake about in about an hour or 2, giving me a bit of time to record some videos for a course I am working on. But for now there’s not a soul awake.

But in the meantime, I sat with my planner this morning and looked at the blank space of my gratitude list and I vividly recall times when coming up with 3 things, let alone one seemed like the biggest mountain to climb. And yet, during this last month, it hasn’t been a challenge at all.

My gratitude for today:

  1. My new futon mattress because while sleeping on an air-mattress has been great, it’s been noisy with a chance of deflation. It’s also giving me a place to chill and work from if I so choose – like right now as I write this.
  2. Lennon taking time out of his busy gaming schedule to learn about the weather and getting a 100 on a quiz. My only request during this time has been to spend one hour learning. I am not a great home-school parent.
  3. Thunderstorms and rain – even though it disrupted my sleep, the rain watered my garden and I don’t have to go out there this morning to do it myself.

The next section in my planner asks me what I am excited about – and again that in moments feels too big and overwhelming but then I focus on what my current life is and the things I am focusing on.

I am excited about:

  1. Getting our home and property cleaned up and decent looking. It’s been a bit of a challenge honestly but I am taking the time and nice spring days to do some proper spring cleaning and organizing.
  2. Today I plan on recording the video content for a new course I am about to release for The Rebels Academy. Since journaling is such a big part of my life, I thought that perhaps someone would be interested in getting started.
  3. Turning this blog more into a personal journal/diary of sort. I like the idea of sharing with you my ways of handling this life and my every day being. I could totally use The Rebels Den for it, but that’s more of a personal development + business blog and while I do get personal there, it’s been shifting to being a magazine and I am good with that.

There’s an advantage for being up early and not a soul awake because it gives me quiet time.

Quiet time to just sit for a moment and feel into my gratitude and excitement.
Quiet time to reflect where I am and what I want to be, do and have.
Quiet time to ponder the plans for the day and map out a few projects.

And on my plan for the day is to:

  1. Brainstorm a few blog post ideas for Create a Handmade Life
  2. Review my social media content
  3. Record the videos for my journal course
  4. Meet with my accountability partner
  5. Work on the train pyrography art project

I hope you have an amazing day and may you find gratitude and something to be excited about.



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