So we have been home since Monday and I’m super busy catching up on things and getting organized (again). Lennon is doing really well. He had a dr. the appointment yesterday and his labs came back ok except for the EBV (Eppstein Bar Virus) that went from 1300 to 2300.

There is still concern that Lennon may still have PTLD (as mentioned in a previous post), but they don’t know for sure yet. His other numbers look better though indicated still some amount of “injury” to the liver but again we are also still waiting on test results from the mayo clinic.

Lennon’s ammonia is a steady 75, which is better than 100 but still above normal…but then again this could potentially be normal for Lennon.

So, for now, we are home experiencing normal until we are told otherwise. I am definitely ready for those results to come in matter the answer ..because it’s nerve-wracking to think about what the future may entail…

I have a lot of worries and concerns in my head and my heart and once again we are taught the lesson that life is too precious. Lennon requires a lot of care but that, of course, doesn’t mean I love my other kids any less, they just tend to fall to the side though a) because they are not sick and b) they are older. But I do cherish every conversation, hug, kiss and I love you’s because well one never knows…

I remember a time where I turned my head while still holding a conversation, those days are gone (unless I am in the middle of something and being bombarded). I know try very hard to make sure that Lennon’s brothers are acknowledged, the oldest is turning 18 this year and is graduating from high school. He will move on to do his own things.

I have learned important life lessons in this journey that has not finished yet …

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