So we have been home for a few days and well so far so good I suppose. He seemed a little off the other day, but then yesterday seemed to do really well. We had a good time goofing around, which is not something we do very often. My work hours aren’t the best (3-11) so I miss a lot of what is going on after school. I was off yesterday and the day before :o)

Lennon’s shakes have done away for the most part, every now and again we can still see some shaking going on, but lord nothing what had been. Unfortunately, his behavior is back, the behavior that we have such a hard time controlling, and trust me I’m a believer in firm discipline, but Lennon doesn’t get it half the time. It’s rather quite frustrating because some behaviors are so typical for his age and I am happy to see them, but he is really extreme in everything, there is no in-between with anything.

He appears to be more cranky than usual and aggressive to the point my poor animals hide when he gets around. Well, hiding is probably not the right word, but they aren’t in his path. This is the frustrating part of his brain damage that a lot of folks don’t understand. His outbursts are unreasonable but then he is 5 and at 5 everything tends to be unreasonable (keeping in mind his delays his behavior is quite typical for the terrible threes).

He wants what he wants, when he wants it, NOW. He wants to play video games, he wants candy, he wants mommy to hold him, he wants to color, he wants to go outside, he wants chips, he wants dinner, he wants to watch cartoons, he wants to play with cars, he wants to go to school..he wants to do all of these things in 10 minutes or less.

Today is Saturday and he wants to go to school. It is hard for him to understand that Saturday and Sunday’s there isn’t any school.

Lennon: no school because I have a headache?
Me: Uhh no, you don’t have school, because it is the weekend.
Lennon: You need to call the doctors because I have a headache
Me: But I think you are fine and we don’t need to call the doctor
Lennon: no my head hurts, I need an IV in my IV Port

These are typical daily conversations with Lennon. He complains about his head or his eye and I do believe that he hurts, but I can’t convince him that we don’t always need to go to the doctors.

All in all, today seems to be ok for now. I am sure by the time I return from work, I will hear everyone’s frustration about L not listening to nothing anyone says. But this is life, this is his life, this is my life, this is our life.

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