So what is new at this time? Nothing much. Lennon tested positive for c.diff, again. This could be one of the reasons he has not been feeling well and the inability to keep things down.

They added antibiotics for the c.diff but also to cover other possible infections that have not become clear yet. He did have labs drawn and blood cultured on Thursday and those results should come in Monday or Tuesday. Since then the feeds have been started again and 5ml/hour.

Not much but at this time my main concern was that he was so miserable from hunger anything will work. He has been eating or rather munching would be the appropriate word. Pretzels, chips and a few french fries. He also nibbled (mouse bites) on a hamburger this evening.

For the first time in a long time, he actually stated he wanted to go home. This (for me) is good. This means that perhaps he is getting tired of being in the hospital. His chronic sickness is not gone but its a step into the right direction.

We have to realize that he has been very good at being sick and never been well at being healthy so this is new to him, because despite all the infections this is probably the best he has ever felt. Imagine no toxins that drive you insane in your system? It’s like waking up sober one day and realizing how good it feels to not be intoxicated.

One of my commenters (hugs to ya for the thoughtful feedback and friendship) mentioned that Lennon has the potential to deal with Fructose Malabsorption (FM). My thoughts on this are as followed: He didn’t vomit when he ate, but he would vomit if he drank to fast or too much. He drinks water 9 times out of 10, so I don’t know how realistic it would be to consider the Fructose Malabsorption (FM). At the same time, Lennon does not drink (nor has he ever drank) juice. Sevearl reasons for this would be that he doesn’t like it, and that it would mess with his system. In other words he got constant acid-ridden diarreah. So there could be something to that idea.

In other news from early this morning, the docs want to take the stint out of the hepatic vein they had placed a few weeks ago when they ballooned it for the second time. However, his ultrasound (that was finally done around 1ish) indicated no change. Since angio is responsible for the procedure nothing would happen until Monday, and then we are not clear on if it is even going to happen.

The thought was that perhaps there is some gunk build up around the stint. Makes sense in some ways. I think of it as we eat too many fatty foods and all that stuff that sticks to our arteries and veins and can lead to blockages. But again, I don’t know for sure that this is going to happen and probably won’t know until in the morning when they are doing rounds. For this minute however has has quit vomiting, been eating a popsicle and drank some sweet tea.

He has been sleeping a lot today and again is currently asleep. So here is to a good nights rest and some answers tomorrow.

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