I am here to do a review of June 2021 and share personal and business events that happened. I want to get more personal with you and perhaps a little bit more transparent because the best way for me to grow is to share all the things and something that’s really been helpful for me is to not just set goals and do the work but also review how things are going in my life and business in general, so I am going to do a monthly review moving forward.

Let’s kick it off, shall we?!

Two of my kids had a birthday – one turned 29 and the youngest turned 18!

I started a new workout regiment that has me exercise three days a week for 15 minutes and walk for 60 minutes on the other days. I haven’t done much walking because it’s just been hella hot and yet I still managed to lose weight since I reduced my carb intake.

I added a new volunteer position to my schedule. I facilitate workshops that guide people to living well and become self-managers of their own health and overall well-being. It always feels so good being able to give back like that and connect with people and watch them take back control from their chronic condition.

Now that the person is out of the way, let’s talk about creative projects.

I recently kicked off 90 Days of Creativity and I invite you to join me. I have been missing and feel like I am lacking art in my world and this is a good way to bring it back – and the fun fact it already brought me two sales!

And since releasing the Skull Crochet PDF Pattern, it’s already generated over $50 dollars and has become my official bestseller. So of course now I am pondering my next pattern that aligns with the theme.

This brings me down to business

I decided to focus on my primary signature programs for the Rebels Den which is the My Rebel Goals Workbook, My Rebel Year as well as the Rebels Academy – which in turn of course will allow me the space to create art.

I made some changes to My Rebel Year – it previously was a downloadable pdf but I decided to just add the content directly to my platform. There will still be downloadable content but it won’t be so overwhelming and it actually reduces my time of writing and creating the monthly content.

The Rebels Academy will have new releases every other month which will give members plenty of time to learn, ask for help, get support and implement what needs doing from the lessons.

My plan is to simplify my processes and systems and when it comes to the Rebels Den my offer. Here at Petra Monaco, it will continue to be the theme of creating what my heart wants to create.

With my review of June 2021 complete let’s talk about my goals for the next month!

Goals for July?

This month’s focus is:

  1. Continue to consistenly workout
  2. Read for 1 hour 3-4 nights a week
  3. Continue with the 90 Days of Creativity
  4. Record a new course for the Rebels Academy
  5. Keep blogging here and over on The Rebels Den
  6. Record daily videos for my Channel
  7. Keep writing Life Tip To Go
  8. Spend more time outside
  9. Get ready to publish My Rebel Goals on Amazon
  10. Prep for a Festival Getaway in August

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