Do you remember back to the days of your childhood roller skating? While we had roller skating rinks we all preferred to cruise on the sidewalks and in the streets.

I suppose that’s life in the suburbs where traffic is less in those secondary roads. And man were we fearless cross the streets. I can still see it – the streets of Hofheim weren’t all that safe with us cruising up and down on our skates or playing street hockey in front of our house.

Where I live now – in rural Virginia – I couldn’t even imagine roller skating on the road without the worry of getting run over by a car. And forget finding a place or even a park with paved walkways because those only seem to exist in bigger metro cities.

Roller skating fun

While we have a skatepark it isn’t really designed for those that just want to practice their roller skating dance moves but more for the skateboarders and the ones interested in doing tricks in the air – not that there’s anything wrong with it.

We ended up roller skating on a high school tennis court and while that is “almost” like a skating rink I suppose to me that isn’t the same.

Who knew that I would miss going down the streets on sidewalks or on the roads to skate with friends?

I would love to see more trails that people could use for walks, roller skating, and bike rides – I don’t know if those are just in Europe but I am thinking Central Park NY. That would be amazing. But I suppose in most places that may not be feasible.

Anyway, it was great getting out and skate for a bit and I look forward to doing it more often too!

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