So at the end of November, my kid went on an overnight field trip.
Yes, you totally read this right!

The 4th and 5th graders went to D.C. to visit the U.S. Capitol and museums while there.


While this was first approached I was skeptical about letting him go. Who would take care of his m medications? How would he fare without his family, without video games and mostly without me?

Everyone around me told me I should let him go. Half of me agreed and the other half, well did not.

And then Lennon said:

I really want to go to the overnight field-trip with my school because it will be fun.

Well, who am I to deny him such fun?

Some paperwork form the docs – a conversation with the principal and the school nurse and all was set.

My boy would be leaving on a bus, in the morning and return the following evening.

What would I do with myself? Luckily I had plenty of work to keep me busy or I would have gone bonkers.

The principal called me in the evening letting me all was well. My boy did not ask to call me and I allowed him his space to not ask for him.

I was able to follow some of the teachers and their pictures thanks to social media and saw a glimpse of him, here and there.

The next day I could not wait for him to come home.
The second he got in my car he said

I am glad to be home

Did you have a good time?

Yes, but I am glad to be home. My feet were tired.

And then he rambled on about where they went and what they did. Cafeteria food and breakfast and how he missed everyone and that he wishes he could play his video game time and that he does not want to do this again but he had a good time.

In the end, I am glad I allowed him to go. It was a great lesson for both of us and it was much needed to see just how much this amazing child I have has grown and matured. Sometimes I wonder if he ever will mature enough and it is those small lessons that continue to give me the message that he will be just fine.

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