IEP meetings are sometimes a curse and a blessing.

One one side they tell you how much progress your child has made… and yes Lennon has made a tremendous amount of progress in all areas.

One the other side, he is still so very much behind on everything.. reading on a third-grade level (he’s in 4th grade) ..math he’s still quite behind.. and handwriting, and processing and expressing.

Socially at times still awkward, he is quite affluent in getting along with his peers, he’s surrounded by peers during lunch and learning how to maneuver the social how to hold a conversation and be interested in other people and not just talking about his own interests.

You learn that Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy are still very much a big part of his everyday school life and still very much a big part that needs to be to help with fine motor skills, speech processing and well physical therapy.

The surgery in January set him back quite a bit and he now has to work again on gaining core strength. He is being asked to sit for a long time which still tires him out quite a bit. He negotiates a coloring page of his favorite lego character at the moment or Minecraft character so that he will do some work for the teacher.

Lennon spends part of his time with his peers in the classroom and the teacher’s assistant.. the other part he is being pulled out for.

It’s really a lot to digest if you think about it – he is working so hard (harder than most) and is slowly emerging. He may tell you he doesn’t like to read… but really he loves to read 🙂 I catch him reading all the time and my heart swells with pride.

We briefly discussed middle school options cause well he’s moving onto 5th grade and the assigned middle school – I don’t know.. I have some serious doubts about that one.. and so I think exploring options that will be best suited for him will be necessary.

Overall I think the census is that Lennon is progressing and that he will progress but we are unsure at what pace he will continue .. not a terrible IEP meeting but still tears at my heartstrings and makes my heart a bit heavy .. but if anyone can reach his goals … there’s no doubt that Lennon can do it!

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