Moose Pyrography

Every now and then when I do some image searches for reference I come across royalty free images such as this Moose. The face of the moose drew me in and I felt like I had to wood-burn this guy. Like I mean look at him, he’s so stinking cute!

And if you have a thing for animals, you look into what they stand for and what their symbolism is.

Don’t sweat it, that’s the motto of the moose. It’s a tactic to conserve heat, and precisely why moose thrive so well in cold environments. Symbolically, this is a way of saying “stay cool” under pressure.

Author : John Frederick Miller

So who is John Frederick Miller?

John Frederick Miller (1759–1796) was an English illustrator, mainly of botanical subjects. Miller was the son of the artist Johann Sebastian Müller (1715 – c. 1790). Miller, along with his brother James, produced paintings from the sketches made by Sydney Parkinson on James Cook’s first voyage. He accompanied Joseph Banks on his expedition to Iceland in 1772.

And that’s about the most information I found through all the internet sources available.

The moose wood-burning measures 9 x 7 and is protected with polyurethane and comes ready to hang.

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