We all acknowledge that our children have milestones at certain ages. When they start to crawl, walk, talk, switch from the bottle to the sippy cup. Lennon has reached most of these..well he still drinks out of a sippy cup for travel reasons though he’s capable of drinking out of a regular cup.

Lennon is not fully potty trained and it has been a battle I have chosen not to fight until Lennon was ready. With all the medical issues there was no sense or need to push it. We also didn’t know if he could tell when he had to go or not. Sometimes he could and would while most times he wouldn’t.

It’s one of those milestones I didn’t think I would ever see and I had accepted to be what it is. Lennon always seems to amaze me one way or another.

Yesterday, Lennon took his diaper off and put on his shorts. He used the potty every time he needed to go. So today we decided to encourage him to do the same again and Lennon did not have one single accident. He was so proud of himself every time. Way to go Lennon!

I still won’t push the issue overnight as he is hooked to his feeding pump and if he had to go, he wouldn’t be able to do so. Travel may seem a little tough too though we had noticed that in the last few weeks if we were out and about he’d used the bathroom. I don’t know if he could hold it, however, halfway into town. He is taking medications that help him urinate and such. Anyway, tomorrow I am shopping for big boy underwear with spiderman and sponge bob!!!

Oh and by the way, sometimes when Lennon is in a mood to respond and you ask him where his sense is, he will tell you it’s in his brain!

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