It is amazing to me that we have managed another Christmas at home considering we have been waiting on a new liver for almost 5 months now. It’s one of those we wish it would have happened already but glad we were home moments. 

Lennon appears ok probably to people looking at him, but I notice the changes. I noticed the blue-ish tinted toes, the bruises because is coagulation is off.. the labored breathing when he gets too excited…and yet knowing that he’s sick or getting sicker he still manages to make me and everyone around him smile.

Santa got him a cleaning trolley with his own broom, mop, bucket, dustpan, spray bottle an a Diego Rescue Center. He loves both of them very much… he has already mopped the kitchen…and rescued animals numerous times a day.

Though he had been wishing for an x-box, he didn’t get one.. and he doesn’t appear upset over it… whew.. because we already have one… I’ve been taking snippets of video with my phone but hope that I can make an extra hat or two to get a small, cheap but good video camera.

I think I need to memorialize my family a bit more.. ya know memories.. pictures are awesome.. but can you imagine videos.. and me having the ability to share them with you?

I am a bit anxious, nervous, sentimental among other things… 2 years ago he was fighting for his life in the PICU.. last year we celebrated Christmas at home but soon learned that he was getting sick (again) and this year we managed to be home.. well Lennon wants his lunch …

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