March is National Craft Month and I am kicking it off with a 30-day Blog post Series.

I’m Petra and I am a multi-passionate creative and artist. Immigrated to the US in 1993 from Germany and am a mother of three boys!

I started creating in 1992 when I was pregnant with my first child. It started off with crochet and cross-stitch. I would spend hours creating doilies, placemats, and wallhangings.

Initially, everything happened on the couch and some of my projects still do and for years I would give them away as gifts for any holiday and special occasions.

I tend found crafting shows on my cable channel line up and started making jewelry and other crafty things. My life was consumed with creating and still is. As my skills started to improve, I continue to explore other mediums, one of them being pyrography. I fell into it by wanting to design my own beads for my macrame jewelry.

And even though my initial work didn’t look anything like the Dragon you see, it’s an art form I fell in love with.

In 2005, I had this idea of selling my artwork and it began with setting up a shop on Etsy and Artfire and a few others. After relocating to Central Virginia in 2007, and started selling at craft shows and festivals but stopped in 2011 because they no longer appealed to me. There’s a lot of work that goes into them and as my professional life took a little bit of a different direction, I made the decision to only sell my art online through my own website.

These days my primary focus is pyrography, painting, crochet, and jewelry. Part of the journey is to be able to do a little bit every single day. It’s part of my self-care regimen and helps me keep my head together rather than falling apart.

But more so, being able to create and sell my work online allows me to set my own schedule which became an essential piece of my life after my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and underwent three liver transplants. I ended up writing a book about our journey, you can get a copy here. Although he is the epitome of health these days, preparing for any unforeseen challenges and continued doctor appointments allows me to be present and available.

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