Lennon takes a lot of medication most of them are related to his liver transplant. However, Lennon does have a sleeping disorder in correlation with behavioral issues and mood swing issues.

Last week we went away with the clonidine patch and the pill regime instead that did not work in favor of Lennon. It was a very difficult weekend to get through a Lennon we knew from pre-transplant that made us extremely nervous. He was out of it, to say the least, mentally incoherent and just simply not himself. His speech was out of sorts and even part of his vision appeared impaired, but again I feel that was due to his daily medication. So now we changed his medication to something less sedating and that seems to be working a lot better.

On another note, I had a meeting with his school this morning for his eligibility meeting but also discussing how to incorporate him back into the school setting. We decided that pre-holiday he would start participating in short activities and festivities so that after the holidays (January 4th or 5th) he will start school just like everyone else. This is important for his development in socialization but also academically as Lennon is extremely behind since he lost a year of school in addition to his already developmentally delayed. I think Lennon will really like it, be less bored and not so lonely.

In December (the 4th) Lennon’s gastro-tube will be replaced with a different type. This one will not stick out 10 inches from his side but be more flush against his stomach (called a button)which will be good and perhaps easier on Lennon. Though I must say he takes really good care of his tube and pays very good attention to it when he’s active.

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