Ahh yeah so we survived the power outage due to the snowstorm last week – what’s difficult is the kid who struggles to entertain himself – who needs wants his video game time, who will get a bit anxious if he doesn’t get it  – who finds it difficult to pee outside let alone in the dark. I wrote about our indoor camping adventure here: Indoor Camping Adventure .. the first day wasn’t soo bad…

Lennon and I spend the day drawing and writing stories (me for a children’s book) – he because it was what mom was doing – the greatest part was a good time together and watching my boy come up with his own story (and write it!)

The second day became a bit more challenging to entertain and I am grateful for the generator we were able to borrow so that a) we wouldn’t lose any food (we just went grocery shopping) and so that Lennon could watch movies and get his game time in. It helped relieve some anxiety for him but still had to manage without water and the ability to go places (stinky).

Saturday morning still no power so Lennon and I ventured into his room to clean and organize – halfway through the process we finally had power. Lennon appeared quite relieved 🙂

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