Mama, I’m coming home

Let me just say that Lennon is doing AWESOME, despite the c.diff!!!

The last week he has been weened of the TPN and lipids and they added Pedialyte to his nutrition intake to avoid dehydration. He has been tolerating his feeds which are now 80ml/hour for 14 hours to a total for 600 ml of his feeds, and 300 of water. He has not vomited in a few days, and last night took sips from his water bottle.

His personality and activity level are back though he is still physically limited to what he is able to do. He has been favoring one of his feet, more the heel than anything else that will need to be paid attention too, but overall I think this is the best he has looked in a really long time.

Initially, they didn’t want us to go home until Tuesday, and we played the medical opinion vs. parental opinion for a day or two. However, I feel that from the bottom of my heart that he needs to go home!!!

He will do much better at home and who knows he may surprise us even more by taking things orally such as drinking, which would be a huge step. I think that he will start eating/munching, while not right away in about a week or so, but I don’t think it will be enough to meet his nutritional requirements. We will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for all the prayers, positive energy and thoughts that have come our way. There aren’t enough words to show my gratitude to all of you!

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    This is wonderful news!


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