Yesterday I received a phone call from Pittsburgh. I had just picked up Jarod from school as he was staying late. I was debating answering but thought “this could be Pittsburgh” …

We commenced with a little bit of chit-chat and then the news came:
Pittsburgh’s pathologist reviewed the information from the biopsy done when Lennon had is surgery and the results are that he has a mild case of cirrhosis and a mild case of rejection.

I don’t even know what to say other than that he doesn’t even look like anything’s wrong. His lab numbers have been normal and close enough to perfect.

I am grateful for having done the biopsy while he was getting his muscle closed but wasn’t, of course, hoping for this kind of news.

The plan of attack is to put him on steroids, which is the normal plan for when someone goes into organ rejection. He will also be on Prevacid since the steroid can irritate the gut and he will have a mouth wash to avoid thrush.

We will have labs in two weeks to check his regular numbers but will have additional blood taken that will then be directly shipped to Pittsburgh. They will be looking at EBV – a previous issue for Lennon – and some other donor-related information.

They will be another biopsy in 1-3 months – pending the lab work I presume. I don’t know whether this will be at our local hospital or if Pittsburgh will want us to come there.

This is where it is.. my boy looks well but the liver is experiencing a hiccup.
I hope that we can get this under control and his liver will not continue to scar.

My head and my heart are in whirlwind mode I think and I am trying to make sense of it – though part of me wants to say/think that rejection is normal and an occurrence but also know this puts my boy at a higher risk. He will now be more susceptible to colds and illness as his meds are changing to immune suppress him more to overcome the rejection.

He will also be moodier due to the steroids, which never have been quite fun with him.

I hate not knowing what this really means now or in the future .. but if I know one thing for sure living in the now is THE thing to do and hope and keep the faith!

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