It’s been good – even when it has been challenging. The other day Lennon “lost” his hearing aid because he took it out and instead of putting it into its container – well he can’t remember where he put it.

Lennon has some short term memory issues that are creeping up every now and again .. and this was a now and again. So far we searched high and low but from the looks of it, I will be making a call to the audiologist and have a new one made.

The cool thing is that we did make it over a year before he lost it – not terrible if I say so myself (despite the frustration).

Healthwise.. well I am waiting on his CellCept so he can start taking that. I’ve been charged for it now I am just waiting for it to arrive.. special order pharmacies are a mere inconvenience and I would much more prefer it if ALL of his meds could be picked up at the local pharmacy.

Speaking of meds, Lennon had a kidney appointment the other day and his urine came back not normal – but also not horrible. The doctor hinted that it MAYBE the early early early beginnings of kidney issues – but then again maybe not.

What does that mean? It means we go back in 6 months and he will pee in a cup and it will get tested and we will await results. The kidney issue could be related to the prograf OR it could be related to something different although not related to the Urea Cycle Disorder. Sometimes this medical business is a bit confusing – and then you can’t even sort it out because you have to wait until it plays itself out.

The overall picture, however, is that Lennon as well – he is an 11-year-old boy who is a bit more hyper and impulsive in the afternoons but mostly chill with his youtube videos.

This is life as it happens to us at the moment

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