…of a boy who once upon of time didn’t know how to play.  He just didn’t have the imagination or ability to use his imagination. This little boy required everyone else to engage and entertain him to give him the ability to play.

His mother was sad because she wanted nothing more than for her little boy to play and learn what it means to have an imagination. His rare genetic disorder made it difficult for him at times to have a coherent thought let alone know how to use toys and engage him in the wonderful world of play.

Then this boy required a liver transplant so he could live and maybe have a chance to play as little boys play. No one knew that complications would ensue and that he required more medical attention and liver transplants. This little boy then received his third liver and as luck would have it his health took a turn for the better. This little boy would slowly learn about his new world. His mom watched him grow and every time she catches him play engrossed in his imagination – she remembers the days he couldn’t and hear heart beams.

And even if his play can and is at times obsessive about the objects the point here is that he did indeed learn how to play and has an amazing imagination. His story doesn’t end here – he has much more to teach us

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