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So he had his surgery last night, everything went well, until they took the ultrasound and found that one of the arteries is clogged. They rushed him back into surgery to fix it. The docs placed him on heparin IV in hopes that this would help the situation. This morning, they took another ultrasound, and while half of it appeared fine, the other half didn’t. So they did a CT Scan to get a better picture. And it is clogged.

So his body is accepting the liver fine, but it is that artery that could cause problems later down the road…abcess, infection, other parts dying off etc. So now he is back on the transplant list but has an extreme high priorty (No. 1 so-to-speak). And so we wait…again…

This afternoon, they took away the sedation and he slowly woke up. They took out the breathing tube and some other things. First thing out of his mouth “I’m thirsty”. He doesn’t want to hear he can’t have anything for awhile. So anway, he looks really good though. His eyes aren’t dialating when he is stressing, his skin looks good…physically he almost appears like a child I didn’t know before. Of course he isn’t all that pretty err..handsome..eyes are kind a puffy…but heck he was sedated for more than 24 hours.

Really the frustrating part is waiting…and bless the family of the first donor…and unfortunately the next one to come. This is something I cannot describe how this feels. Knowing someone elses baby has died, but has given life to my son. It is unreal…that huge heart that family has to make such a difficult decision. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

The outreach to my family has been amazing…we have prayer chains all over the world…WOW! Thank you!

Thank you for having the faith and the trust that he will be ok. Thank you for the emotional support to us s, who are taking this a lot harder than he is (probably). Thank you! (green is Lennon’s favorite color).

I will update more as I know more….the big thing is to keep Lennon healthy and waiting….

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