Lennon has had his struggles as many of you know.. from late diagnosis of a potentially deadly genetic disorder and complications after a few of his transplants. Lennon strives to be normal and in the many years he has HAD to have special transportation – we have never encountered an issue. If anything we LOVED his drivers that would make sure he got to school and home safely.

Lennon wants to take the bus but there’s still a question that he can maintain safe due to his sometimes (or often) impulse behaviors. So he takes the county car!

Lennon talks about how to mean the other kid (which is older and in two grades above him) is to him. I have heard from others how rude and obnoxious this other kid is. I know that Lennon has told his teachers – and the driver? Well does nothing – that I know off. There’s no corrective action when one is being rude to the other. This morning I disciplined Lennon as he raised his fist to this kid. The other kid started talking… but I had already shut that door. 

I emailed the people about my concern – who are now looking into it. 

I don’t know about you – but there’s normal “not liking each other” and then there is “the older kid being mean to the little kid” and then there is Lennon who works so hard and wants nothing more than be normal.. and he IS normal- normal for him. Maybe I am overreacting – maybe not.. but if nothing comes of it – then I am ok with that too… but Lennon talks about it all the time and that is not a SAFE way to get MY kid to school. 

So please disability or not – some teasing is acceptable – but not when my kid talks about breaking someone’s finger because they are being mean to him.

Not cool.. not cool at all

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