Today I received the phone call that Lennon is on the transplant list for another liver. I am with mixed emotions but really is there another choice?

If we do not move forward what kind of mom would I be to not save my son’s life and do whatever I can to give him a fighting chance?! I am glad they recommended the transplant rather than saying they can’t do anything for him.

Certainly, it doesn’t come without risk as we know too well already. The chance of this happening again… well who knows. Everything we do has risks.

The risk of the portal vein and/or hepatic vein clotting or having thrombosis stands with every (liver) transplant. Lennon has both + one. We can hope and pray that this one will be successful and that Lennon has a fighting chance at life.

Allowing (probably not the right word) Lennon to die doesn’t seem to be an option which is what would happen if we do nothing. The liver is already dying due to thrombosis and clotting. Allowing him to have a fighting chance is the right thing to do!

We know from the past that our local hospital has used partial liver and the game plan with the new hospital is to use a whole cadaver liver, which according to the surgeon will give Lennon a better chance at survival. I will not knock what our local hospital has done because I truly believe that they have done everything possible. Kudos to them for doing what is best for Lennon and recommending that another hospital specialized in peds transplants may be better at this than they are.

The reality is that if I don’t do anything and do not move forward I will feel guilty for not trying. By moving forward with another transplant I know that we have done everything in our power.

Thanks for your continuing prayers and positive thoughts.

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  1. Of course you're making the right decision, but it must be scary to have no control over the surgery or the outcome. You're very brave…

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