So, I am going to take a moment to talk about Tuesday and Wednesday.
The actual surgery was 5 hours and my poor guy took another “beating”. During the process, they had two holes in the bile duct but were hopeful they cleaned whatever may have leaked really well. Here’s to hoping anyway as that stuff is no fun and can create more havoc on the body – ask me how I know ha!

Anyways, overall the surgery went well and sadly Lennon did not have a lot of muscle in the front section of the belly but enough on the sides to place a permanent mesh that will now be forever part of him. It is what we expected.

And as expected, immediately after surgery in recovery my warrior was hungry and thirsty. Here’s the challenge because they were in the gut section and because they were holes in the bile duct and because this all paralyzed the intestines he cannot have any drink or food. By the time we made it into room 8 p.m. that evening, he was allowed some ice chips.

Well, kiddo wasn’t happy but he also was in a lot of pain and was resting it up. He did not have a great night but did participate in school, walking with PT and sitting for OT. By the time the afternoon arrives the boy was asleep and when he did wake he was disinterested in everything well except those ice chips.

By 8:30 the warrior spiked a fever and the nurse told him, he had to go for walk whether he liked it or not and he had to use an incentive spirometer .. Something that he needs to inhale on so his lungs don’t get tired and develop pneumonia.

So he practiced breathing and walked despite his protest. He did very much insist on getting in and out of bed by himself – Mr. Independent that he is.

Let’s see how today goes!

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