the stent removal tomorrow. All the top dogs (transplant and gastro) are thinking that Lennons problems are because of the stent that didn’t fall out when it should have. Thus given him issues in the colon area. They have been treating him with a med, that should eliminate nausea, speed up the process of digesting, and take care of the reflux he is dealing with right now. The docs think that after the stent removal all his current issues will go away. The poor kid has the major case of diarreah.

Since the study yesterday his belly has swollen and gotten bigger. Again the contrast has upset his insides and again they tell me that after tomorrow it should go away. There are common risk of procedures but in addition there is the risk of his intestines getting cut and they have to actually cut him open to fix it. He will have the breathing tube in for the procedure but should come out as soon as they finished.

The plan is to remove the stent via scope and then clean out whatever junk may have accumulated. This will happen after 10 or 11 a.m.

I am nervous about tomorrow about as nervous when he got the transplants. But I am going to think positive and that everything will work as it should!!!!

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