…can creep up in many ways and bring to light many other things…

so Lennon had an MRI on Tuesday for his brain…its fine!!

Then he had an MRI on Wednesday on his belly, because he had been vomiting, labored breathing and appeared in pain..this on not so fine… he has a 6cm fluid pocket/absess behind the liver…

They placed a breathing tube in on Wednesday during the MRI, which he is still on. The main reason it was kept on, was because they did another procedure yesterday – place another draining tube in to get the fluid behind the liver. They saying it might…but only might come out today because he is so puffy due to excess fluid in his system (approx. 2 liters) that he might not do so well if the take him of the machine. He looks a lot better today then he did yesterday – concidering his puffyness.

So, the fluid behind his liver is infected – this is because the liver was a piece of cut liver and when it oozed in the healing process some particles stayed behind. Now the fluid and those particles have created a nice infection.

Also, Lennon has CDef – don’t know the accurate spelling – but it is related to his still – the bad bacteria in his intestine has taken over the good bacteria.. and so he is on contact precautions as that appears to be contagious. This happened due to an antibiotic he was on (bactrum) and to what is going on outside – flu season etc etc

What else… oh the draining fluid from the original surgery also shows bacteria – thus he is getting antibiotics…today he will be getting more specialized antibiotics as opposed to one that covers the whole spectrum.

So let’s hope the breathing tube comes out today and that he starts to feel better. His electrolytes have mellowed out as they have been pretty whack …his ammonia which was 140 yesterday is 81 this morning…his blood levels and his liver numbers look better…

So here is to Lennon feeling better and being himself more and more each day!

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  1. the infections I believe are the scariest thing or maybe the fact that I can’t help him fight it when he needs us the most. I understand that they say alot of things are starting to look better and as much as I want to be optimistic and look forward to Lennon being the cool lil short guy again, I am still reluctant to believe that this rollercoaster is over

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