This last week has been a tough one when it comes to discussing Lennon’s progress and the lack thereof – all at the same time.

Last week, we had his annual IEP meeting and discussed where he has made progress and yes there have been some. He’s done with physical therapy and he’s on consult with occupational therapy. He still receives speech therapy and will for now continue to receive those services.

The IEP team recommended Lennon for an alternative placement that does not partake in the SOL testing as it is commonly done in public school. Lennon has been using the VAAP (Virginia Alternative Assessment Program) instead and it is much better suited for him and his abilities.

This is where the heartache often comes up. I hope that Lennon continues to progress in academics but the hard reality is that this also may never be the case. As a rising 6th grader, he currently is working on a low 4th-grade level. This makes me relieved that he will not attend the regular middle school because (with the agreement of the IEP team and teachers) Lennon would struggle so much with the normal academic program and of course SOLs.

Socially he is making progress and he has some nice friends that he will have to part with, but Lennon being as easy going as he can be at times is totally relaxed in the fact that he will attend a different school. The highlight?

No homework!

Yea dodged the bullet on that one and since he won’t be home until 5 or so that suits me just fine as well.

Which made today a little harder.

After being given permission to all of his information at the local hospital and his school, they still required additional psychological testing.

Lennon was as cool as a cucumber while my insides worried about the outcome, which of course can only go one of two ways. I can’t change or control it and this uncertainty is challenging.

So now we wait for results from the evaluator …

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