Just talked to Pittsburgh…. still waiting on the right size and the right blood type for a match. He will go up on the list beginning of December with 53 points (he has 50 right now). In the meantime, the scans we did with his lungs confirmed that Lennon has Hepatopulmonary Syndrome — A Liver-Induced Lung Vascular Disorder.

Which is a syndrome of shortness of breath and hypoxemia (low oxygen levels in the blood of the arteries) caused by vasodilation (broadening of the blood vessels) in the lungs of patients with liver disease!

The docs suspected as much and the scans merely confirmed this. Of course, it doesn’t change anything in our plans moving forward with the transplant. If anything, it’s one of those things that has to happen. The lung situation will only get worse the longer he has the current liver.

In other news, Lennon has learned to identify his name and write it too except if forgets the second n. He’s making progress with the letters he’s learning and the numbers.. it is a slow process but nonetheless he’s learning!

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