In the past, Lennon has not been a fan of amusement parks. They push his comfort level too much and so I resigned last year to not visit one again with him – and yes I am good with that 🙂

We’ve been enjoying a few days at a nearby lake when out of the blue he shared that he would like to go to a Water Park.

Knowing how he feels about amusement parks I was concerned about exposing him to the overwhelming feeling he may experience at a Water Park. Well, it just so cool that we have a few city pools nearby with slides, an obstacle bridge of sort and a whirlpool hat guide you through.

Lennon was all about the sprinklers and ensuring that I would participate. He builds his courage to go on the small slide that has a bucket on top that once its full dumps over. He laughed and loved so hard. He then noted the obstacle bridge.

You hold on to the mesh above you and walk across the floating pieces of the bridge. We stood in line and waited and as it was about to be his turn, he changed his mind. He walked away knowing that he is making the choices for himself.

He then took the courage to go on the big slide and I watched him wait in line patiently. He came down the slide and into the water he went. The report I got was he didn’t like it because he felt like he was going to drown (he could stand in the water) but he certainly wasn’t expecting to be sliding into the water the way he did. But he did it!

When I asked if he wanted to do that again, he declined. As he gains more confidence, I am sure he will try again.

We went around the whirlpool floating around when he again decided he wanted to do the obstacle bridge. He waited in line and when it was his turn, I watched him cross that bridge without falling into the water – my hearts full.

It’s also giving me the confidence to know that the water park may be a much better option than an amusement park.

Please note that I think I have the most awesome kid in the world (of course I am biased) but he does to care to show off his scar – and that ..speaks volume don’t you think?

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