Let me tell you that Lennon despite it all is doing really well. Our dr. office visits have been greatly reduced but we still have weekly lab work that needs to be done. Lennon is enjoying school and seems to be learning some but often needs reminders to follow his task… similar to ADHD but there is more to it than that, I think.

Lennon is so funny and I wish I could share videos of him of the things he does and says. He’s been pretty hyper and open this past week but funny too. He’s been very well behaved and really doesn’t get in much trouble, unlike his siblings. Usually, when I ask him to do something he says: “Ok Mamma, I will do it”.

When I ask him if he needs to be changed (potty training is an ongoing process) …”Nope, I’m fine” but the whole house reeks 🙂 Did you make the mess? “Yes, I did” … well, at least your honest… “Yes, at least I’m honest”.

This past few weeks I think he’s been full of LIFE! Yes, how wonderful to say that he doesn’t appear sick and that he’s feeling well and that he’s simply just enjoying minute to minute. Of course, having a routine helps with him A LOT because we notice on days where it isn’t routine… it’s tough on him.

So in the meantime, we take every day as it is, even knows in the back of our minds, we know he could turn the tide. We pray we hope, we dream, we believe that he’s going to be okay – whatever that may mean for him!

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