It’s amazing to me how we can leave a little of ourselves with other people. A friend of mine recently lost her mom. And her mom was a special kind of lady. She was incredibly talented Artist and I even had the honor to feature her artwork in my brick and mortar store.

I closed the store in 2012 because well being stuck in one place for 8 hours wasn’t my ideal way of featuring and support Artists. Something I have recently solved by launching The Rebels Den.

But here is what lead me to write this post. I don’t hide my past aka the story of my life on how I grew up in foster care and all the challenges that came with it. In fact, I share it because I want people to know they can do what they want if they set their mind to it and are willing to do the work.

Anyway, that friend I mentioned reached out to me after her mom passed away and said:

I have a lot of stuff for you. It seems that God multiplies the gifts of those whose childhood were robbed from them. It seems that you both suffered in a similar way, and as a result, you have multiplied gifts. God loves you and has put you on my heart on passing on some of her art supplies.

There was a lot more said in our messages back and forth but I can’t describe the feeling. I am sad for her and her family and then to be thought off during such time, left me a bit speechless and perhaps even a bit teary eyed.

And let me tell you it feels really damn weird going through someone else’s stuff like that but let me also tell you that I am so damn grateful and humbled about this. And I can’t tell you what kind of a gift this was for me.

It’s not so much about the copious amounts of art supplies I now have but it shifted something within me. I’ve been struggling to create art because I was feeling all out of sorts with “what I do in this world” or “what do I want to be when I grow up”.

Since launching The Rebels Den, however, it seems things are just kinda falling into place for me. All over sudden I know my focus on what I do, how I am going to do and low and behold I am inspired to create again.

And this is the gift.

Yes, of course, the material things are gifts too but the gift that was given to me is finding inspiration, the fire, and the fuel to create again. To get done with all the things I need to do for the day and then go into my studio and create – to spend time working out new designs and new art pieces.

But maybe the ultimate gift perhaps was the imprint or impression we leave behind with people. My story is tragic in some parts but its also courageous and I know that when I do tell my story people are often left with a different perspective on life. And maybe, just maybe I am helping them follow their own dreams in some small way.

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