If you’ve not yet finished or started your holiday gift shopping then maybe this guide can be of use to you with a few ideas that I believe are always in style to do.

I want to start off with that personalization is trending this year quite a bit – I suppose since we all had to stay pretty much isolated for some time receiving a personalized gift allows you to honor your relationships with people and it’s letting them know you’re thinking about them. Wether you get it from a handmade shop or you make it yourself, I definitely find these type of gifts to be the best!

Another trend I noticed is that game night is coming back whether it’s in person with the people you live with or virtual through zoom sessions. You can even create your own game if you like via gamecrafter!

I feel like anything that is environmentally friendly continues to be a win in the world of gift giving as everyone becomes a little bit more aware of the impact we have as humans on earth. In the years I’ve been creating wash cloth, dish cloth and scrubbies are always fun to give.

One of the reoccurring themes this year seems to be self-care and I agree. We don’t do enough of this. There’s been so much stress added into our lives and while some handle it better than others, there is something to be said about honoring your own needs or rather giving someone a few gifts that reminds them they are worthy of caring for themselves.

And let’s not forget that since people are spending more time at home, think about gifts such as afghans and pillows or other home decor that can enhance the comfort of someone’s living space.

And something I am also a fan of is giving a subscription to family and friends such as skillshare membership – some fantastic things can be learned here. I signed up to improve on my drawing and illustration skills this year.

I hope that this 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has given you some ideas for this holiday seasons. It’s not too late to purchase handmade gifts or even make them yourself!

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