Feeding/Food : needs to be worked on and worked out, start slowly with the food he likes prior to transplant to establish relationship with food – he also may be too tired to eat

Narcotics: are wheened alternating days 10% – this will take about 2-3 weeks before he is off that stuff

Speech: doing better – has some gaps – is at a level of a 3 yr old – but not a complete assessment has been accomplished yet due to lack of cooperation from Lennon

Physical: Doing better – gets fatigued real quick – but improvement is there

OT : more active today – some self-help skills need worked on

School: making some progress – vision is good – perhaps some depth perception issues – again takes time to warm up

They also want to address socialization because he appears to be a little too shy – more than he was before – Time frame to be at Kluge 2-4 weeks – depending on food intake and progress – if he’s still not eating like they want him to – may or may not go home with NG tube – avoiding G-tube as best as we can – may introduce meds for increased appetite.

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