Lennon is still on IV medication to bring down the EBV (Eppstein Bar Virus) levels in his system. His ammonia has been maintaining at 75, which in terms of Lennon is probably normal.

All but one test has returned from the mayo clinic and they all are negative..so still waiting on one more result and well then what? I don’t think anyone knows. I know there is talk about doing another biopsy in a few weeks to see how the liver is looking than now that he’s been changed to IV meds.

In addition, they are going to have to think/talk about taking the pic line out. I remember the last one he had and despite stitches.. well it just fell out…not exactly something I want to happen now that he is having some coagulation issues (which he didn’t have the last time when it just fell out).

This is kind of the medical stuff.. don’t know much of anything other than he looks good. And I mean he really does look good! We have a behaviorist schedule to come to visit next week, but with the way he has been, I wonder if that is even going to be relevant..and then again we do still deal with aggression and other behavioral stuff. Overall though he has been sweet and just the cutest thing to watch and listen to…sometimes I wish I had a video cam going all the time or readily available because some of his moments are so precious. Tonight he read me a story (instead of me reading to him), and he played with his cars, even if it was for a short while..he played nonetheless.

He’s been very polite too when asking for a drink, saying please and ‘thank you, mommy’. At the moment he’s watching a movie with his brother. So I leave with a note that he is doing well, even if he is not all the way out of the clear…then again he could be…one can never tell.

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  1. Some day you're going to appreciate all the time you spent maintaining this blog because it will remind you of those special moments that you'll always treasure. I'm glad he's doing well for now. – Barbara

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