So, Lennon has had the breathing tube out but has been on the C-Cap (?). Today they did a CT Scan because the chest x-ray indicated that he is FULL of fluid as it was completely whited out. And so yes he has a bunch of fluid on his right lung and hence the difficulty he has recovering and well breathing well on his own. His CO2 has been quite high, high enough to consider putting him back on the breathing tube. Sigh.

Well, it seems they might be doing a procedure in which they will go in with a small video camera and suction out some of the fluid pockets, place a new chest tube or something to help the removal of the fluids.

If we can get the fluids under control, everyone is pretty confident that he will recover fairly well. His liver is functioning, blood looks pretty good and his kidney function is doing well.

I know more tomorrow about when and if they are doing the procedure to remove the fluid.

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  1. Arghhh. It’s so discouraging to read how little Lennon is doing. To hear his liver is doing fine but that he’s struggling in other areas it’s difficult, but let us hope that these issues can soon be resolved.Do they have any idea why he has this fluid in his lungs? Is it hopsital aquired pneumonia? or has he developed some sort of infection? from the breathing tube? Will they also be testing the fluid that they remove from his lungs to make sure that he is being treated appropriately for what is bothering him. Sounds like they hope to do some sort of bronchoscopy as well as insert the drain tube. Sure hoping this will be sucessful.I hope that they are able to keep the breathing tube out. C-PAP is not nice, but so much better then being intubated. It’s good to hear that it’s c-pap he’s on and not bi-pap, that means he’s at least doing well enough to do some of the breathing work on his own. The c-pap machine blows continous air at a certain pressure but he still has to inhale and exhale. So although this is not nice it’s a step up from bi-pap which blows air at two different pressures in order to assist in the inhaling and exhaling … much like being intubated.It is as you said “every day matters!”. Try to take the time to see the joy in each of these days, no matter how difficult it seems … for Lennon’s sake. He may be young, but he can still sense when you are discouraged … he has been a courageous and stubborn (in a good way) boy so far, we’re hoping he and you can keep this up.With much thought and care,Steph

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